Learning driving in Melbourne

You might be an avid driver at other part of the world but every country has its own rules and it’s good to know them beforehand before you hit the road.

In order to get driving license in Melbourne, an aspirator has to pass through 3 steps as mentioned below:

1. First point is getting a learner Permit.

2. Once you have the learner permit, you actually become eligible to start learning the driving.

3. Last and final step is to get the probationary driver license.

Steps in details:

Therefore you have find best driving school Melbourne By getting the learner permit, go become eligible to start learning the driving. You will be accompanied by another driver who has proper license and he is the one who teaches you driving skills. The minimum age to get learner permit is 16 years for cars and 18 years for bikes. In order to get learner permit, you need to clear one eye sight test and a computer based theory tests which basically checks your knowledge about laws on the road. There is guide book available with name “Road to solo driving” that provides all the details you need to know before appearing for the written test. It is recommended to take a practice test beforehand in order to make yourself familiarize with the test and avoid last minute surprise. Once ready, you need to take an appointment.

Once you get your learner permit, you need to start learning the driving. There are lots of driving schools across Melbourne that provide excellent training. Some of the most reputed training schools are:

1. Manual Driving School.

2. Best Driving School

3. Buzz box driving school

4. Camelot driving school.

5. Country Road driving school.

How to select a Driving school:

When selecting a driving school, there are few points that you need to keep in mind:

1. Training experience the school and the instructor has.

2. What all are included in the training. Just handling the steering wheel is not driving, you need to know a lot more than that. You need to know, how to tackle various situations while driving. Confirm in advance that the instructor would let you know about these situations.

3. What is the passing rate from the institution?

4. Whether they provide sessions on your own vehicle as well so that you are comfortable with the functionalities of your vehicle.

5. The fees they are charging. Go for the one with lesser cost but make a conscious decision so that you do not compromise on the quality. You may find instructors with very less cost but they do not deliver enough to make you learn. You can check out http://manualdrivingschool.com.au and it’s one of best Melbourne driving schools.

After you are done with the training, the training school will make you familiar with the kind of questions and tests to expect in order to get the probationary driving license. Once you clear the test and get the probationary license, you are pretty much done with the process and good to hit the road.

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